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5 Questions To Ask Before Pressing Publish — Checklist + #Infographic

Everyone thinks their blog post is the most entertaining, informative, must-know compilation of research and Internet fodder on the planet. And that’s good, to a point—everyone should be lucky to have that much confidence.

But in reality?

Your blog post isn’t about you; it’s about everyone you want to read it. Based on this great Infographic there are 15 questions to ask before you hit that “publish” button.

Chloe Thompson of TMG has added a few to the mix.


Consider this as your blogging checklist: [Part 1.]

1. What was the main point of this post? Have I made it clearly?

If you can’t articulate your main points in the time it takes to brew a coffee, take some time to hone in on your point. Content, fashion, product reviews – content consumers need to know WHY they’re reading your post, and they need to know quickly.

2. Have I written something useful?

Think to yourself: Why are others going to share my post?

3. Have I written something unique?

Do yourself a 5-second favor before you hit publish and Google your topic. Has someone else written it, and done a better job? Rework yours until it’s different, relevant and much better than your neighbor’s.

4. Has this post taken me closer to or further away from my blog’s goals? Does it reflect my blog’s brand?

Every blog has a voice, and a purpose. If your blog post doesn’t suit the current blog’s voice, it decreases the connection you’ve made with your readers. Plain and simple.

5. Have I used a title that draws people into my post?


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