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12 Keys To Success On Twitter

Twitter Provides Leverage

This is Twitter’s biggest and best advantage.

Social media allowed the word “viral” to be associated with marketing rather than the great plagues of the last few centuries. It has enabled the localised and physical word of mouth to now become “world of mouth”.

Social media with its exponential multiplier effect is the amplifying agent that marketers used to dream about. Many business owners still do not understand the global multiplying effect to word of mouth that it brings.

In human history there has been no better opportunity to publish and promote your content.


12 Keys to Success on Twitter

1. Size matters on Twitter

A large Twitter following provides scale and leverage to market your business, blog or website.

2. Build a targeted tribe on Twitter

This is where it starts to scale when you not only have a big following but a tribe that wants to hear what you have to say and links that take them to valuable content that they want to read and view, whether it is yours or another trusted source.

3. Tweet “evergreen” content

Online your content defines you.

The challenge for many is coming up with the ideas for tweets and the content that they lead to.

 Aim to educate, entertain and inspire and not just inform

4. Include links to liquid and contagious content

Tweeting great content is essential.

If you want people to share you then you need to make your content compelling and contagious.

It must do one of 4 things, inform, educate, inspire and/or entertain.

5. Tweet multimedia content

 Think multi-media tweets such as videos, SlideShare presentations, podcasts, images and photos

6. Visual tweets are vital

It is the increasingly important communication technique of getting your message across via visual formats and media.

7. Automate Twitter

Jeff Bullas principle on this is to “automate the content distribution but not the conversation“. 

Two tools are and Social Oomph Professional saving 60-70 hours a week

Productivity  tool #1. Socialoomph

Productivity  tool #2. Twitterfeed

8. Learn the art of the Twitter headline

 Your headline is the start of the seduction. It applies to all of your content but on Twitter it is vital

9. Tweet to all your social network accounts

Don’t miss a chance to get your content and brand where your customers hang out.

 “Be Seen Everywhere” Tweet links to content that is published to the major social networks in a variety of formats.

10. Tweets should have a home

Your Twitter account should link to a home that you own. You should also be tweeting links to take people to that hub (it could be a blog or a website). Don’t build your home portal to the web on someone else’s platform. Build your own foundation and hub. This should be a blog with your domain name and that is self hosted.

11. Tweet with purpose and passion

This will provide the focus and the why for building an online brand in your category of choice.

Many of us have many things we love but you will need to choose the topic area for your Twitter account and blog and stick to it

12. Be relentless

You need to be relentless in the production of content to tweet and the use of Twitter to market and distribute that content.

One tweet at a time …

By Jeff Bullas


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