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10 Things You Should Tweet

There’s no magic formula for how to use Twitter to promote your business.

There’s a real etiquette to doing business in 140 characters.

And unlike when you tweet as an individual, it means no random thoughts, photos of your last four meals, political rants, or too much information about your digestive issues, sex life, and drinking binges.

Hopefully you already knew that.

So what should you tweet?

If you become a respected member of the Twitter community, you can throw in messages directly related to your products or services, but those need to be counter-balanced by tweets completely unrelated to your sales efforts. 

There is no single formula that is guaranteed to work, but here are 10 things you should try:

1. The “I found this amazing article I think you’d love” tweet

Links to articles that would be of interest to your target audience

2. The “there are human beings behind our brand name” tweet

Designed to humanize your company

3. The “twitter-only promotion” tweet

Everybody loves a deal

4. The “promote our favorite charity” tweet

Remember, social media is social. We are all part of a greater community

5. The “we’re listening to you” tweet

When there is a real issue or if a person has a specific question, you need to address it quickly and honestly

6. The “sharing our great content” tweet

Have some unique thoughts or perspectives, tweeting is a great way to get your expertise in front of a large audience

7. The “we’re proud as hell” tweet

Broadcast some great Company news

8. The “we found this to be hilarious and hope you do as well” tweet

Sharing humor with your target audience (via links) not only humanizes your company, it gives your followers a reason to seek you out

9. The “we are on top of industry trends” tweet

Links to the latest studies, trends, breakthroughs and advances. This serves the dual purpose of providing interesting content and proves to your audience you are serious about staying ahead of the curve

10. The “none of the above” tweet

Twitter is all about being creative, useful and engaging

As with any other marketing efforts, pay close attention to how your followers respond to you tweets.

Which ones are getting positive feedback (retweets, etc.)?

Which ones are being ignored?

Which ones are getting you negative feedback?

The answers to these questions might surprise you, so be prepared to tweak your tweets.

By Jon Gelberg


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