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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The World Without You – #Infographic

So, what would the world be like without the Internet? Almost everything we do has some connection to the Internet. This Infographic does and here are some highlights: Since 2002, the number of internet users has quadrupled to 2.3 billion people worldwide. The internet allows us to connect with virtually anyone. The internet gives us […]

Scoring Klout: The Inside Scoop On The Web’s Hottest Measure Of Social Influence #Infographic

Klout is a company that assigns a numerical value to how influential you are online. Some critics have bashed Klout for a shaky score methodology, and The New Yorker called its social ranking premise downright evil. But the fact remains that if someone’s claiming to measure your popularity, you’re going to want to check it […]

8 Incredibly Simple Ways To Get More People To Read Your Content + #Infographic

You know they’ve got to be right to attract the audience you want. Writing less and styling your text so it’s easy to read could be all you need to do to attract and hold attention. Impatient searchers Jakob Nielson’s seminal web usability study from 1997 showed that 79% of web users scan rather than read. Think about how […]

True Colors: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business #Infographic

A study of the world’s top 100 brands (determined by brand value) analyzed each brand’s logo and found the following in this Infographic created with Marketo and Column Five Companies and Designers, strategically use colors in their logo, website, and product to appeal to customers. As a B2B Marketer, it’s important to think about how you […]

5 Questions To Ask Before Pressing Publish — Checklist + #Infographic

Everyone thinks their blog post is the most entertaining, informative, must-know compilation of research and Internet fodder on the planet. And that’s good, to a point—everyone should be lucky to have that much confidence. But in reality? Your blog post isn’t about you; it’s about everyone you want to read it. Based on this great Infographic […]


Crafting A Killer Investor Pitch #Infographic

This Infographic clearly outlines the pillars of a great startup pitch, while also outlining six steps towards crafting that successful pitch. Along with this graphic, check out Robin Wauters’ one-sentence startup pitch outline. Emphasis on the importance of having a concise, value-driven message, and Wauters’ one-sentence outline is the perfect way to suss it out. If […]