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The Power Of Content Curation: Are You Doing It Right?

Content Curation is so much more than compiling lists and dropping articles, blog posts, and images into pretty templates. 

Content Curation is big time business

Content Curators — or editors — find, sort, categorize, and distill the big data and vast amount of content that’s accessible to us.

It requires the human factor — someone with a pulse — to make sense of our collective informational chaos.

“When you add a human editorial layer, a curational perspective that organizes gathered content and community participation, you get real results.” [Steven Rosenbaum]

Savvy companies understand that content pulled from a plethora of sources should be categorized by curators who 

»»Know their audience, readers, and brands
»»Keep abreast of trends in a specific niche
»»Pay close attention to articles, chats, interviews, videos, and conversations 
»»Discern the junk from the gems
»»Monitor trade associations and industry events
»»Recognize news when it happens because their radar is always on and they trust their intuition
»»Feel generally curious and enjoy soaking up information like a sponge
»»Compile a series of valuable and reliable information knowing that their readers trust their judgment and enjoy the blend of quality content they gather
»»Understand that by doing these tasks on a regular basis they become a credible source of content and news within a specific area
»»Become the people who decide what’s worthy of your time and attention

Setting the record straight:

Curators vs. Aggregators

Aggregation is automated and gathers records based on metadata or keywords.

Aggregators can’t evaluate individual pieces of content and make editorial decisions.

This is where talented Curators shine.

All of these elements, separately and together, gradually build rapport, credibility, and loyalty between the Brand [Curator] and the Reader

That’s when the editor becomes the ‘go-to-guy.’ Having the information that other people need and want for their own success.

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