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Sexting And The College Student

Sexting can lead to more than just embarrassment — it can also lead to legal consequences. Learn more about this widespread college trend, and why students should be wary of participating in it.

Sexting, or sending sexually explicit photos over the phone, is reportedly common among college students, according to research from the University of Rhode Island – .

This research showed that more than half of all college students have received a sexually suggestive image via text, and that nearly 80% of college students have received a sexually suggestive text message.

The stats were the result of a study into how technology affects people’s mental and physical health, along with studying the interpersonal relationships of college students.

Other findings in the research were that the lion’s share of “sexts” were between partners in a relationship, but a scary 10% were sent to someone else against the wishes of the original sender.

There is also a need for individuals to set boundaries when it comes to relationships and technology, and that the sender has very little control over who might end up seeing the sexually explicit images or messages once they are sent.

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