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New Research Reveals: Local Marketing ROI A “Gold Mine” for National Brands

“The ability to capture how your tactics are performing in terms of driving demand [is] the first thing. Ultimately, if you can capture it all the way through purchase, that is fantastic. That’s a gold mine.”

-Pete Gombert, CEO, Balihoo, Inc. (“National Brands Expect Big Returns on Local Ad Investment,” eMarketer)

The Marketing team at Balihoo recently concluded a Study  [pdf] in which they surveyed marketing professionals at over 270 national brand companies to better understand the role of local marketing and ROI metrics in their overall strategy.
Among survey respondents, they found that:
• 66% of national brands are investing in local marketing
• Over 20% are spending 25+% of their budgets on local marketing
• 58% don’t use ROI as a local marketing metric
These and additional findings provide insights into budget allocations and ROI benchmarks

• 73% of online search activity is related to local content
• Gartner predicts mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide by 2013
• 83% of local Internet searchers follow-up offline

Hopefully you’ll find it useful in gauging how your national brand compares with those of your peers.

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