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It’s the Content, Stupid

In the digital age where brands and advertisers are vying for the ever-shrinking attention spans of consumers, obsessing about the technology is a mistake.

In this multiplatform advertising world where we live and work without any clear divisions, we must continually adapt and leverage content, data and social interactivity to forge new consumer connections.

This task is proving to be more challenging as consumers’ attention spans shorten and expectations, interactions and demands become more heightened. Add in the fact that consumers are more attached and invested in the tiny screens of their smartphones than ever before—arguably more than tablets and computers.

If brands had a small window for consumers’ attention before the digital revolution, they have even less time now—and the real estate on mobile devices is tight.

However, even before the technology revolution, customers were more interested in messages that actually spoke to them no matter the medium. Granted, fewer channels were competing for their attention, but the fact remains: Relevant content reigns supreme.

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