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How Your Product And Community Can Become One

Community is not marketing.

Community is part of your product.

It’s part of the User Engagement Cycle.

In the cycle, marketing drives users into the cycle. Users connect with your product, then with your brand, and then a community is formed when they connect with each other which will then improve your product.

How will it improve your product?

1. Community as a feature

By becoming a customer, you’re also becoming a part of a community and the user experience is enhanced. That’s an emotional connection to a product that is hard to replace.

2. Feedback collection

Perhaps the most important contribution to the product is the lessons you learn from users talking with each other.

3. Increase user activity

When people are part of a community, they want to be perceived as a valuable member of that community (increase their “social equity”) and so they will aim to improve their status by being better contributors.

Finally, it’s up to your product and community programs to drive user activity and improve over time.

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