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How to Use Personas To Write Effective SEO Content

A lot that has to be considered when trying to engage your audience because you’re not writing for an audience of one, but of many.

And all of them have a personality and motivations of their very own!

When creating engaging content, there are two concepts that you must first understand:

1. Why visitors are on your site and

2. What they want to find

These two concepts can be translated into two words:  

Personas = Motivation (what the visitor needs, why they are on your site and

Personalities = Temperament (how they navigate, what they need to see or read to find what they want)

If you want to create content that engages with your audience and motivates them to take the conversion action you desire, you have to get into the mind of the visitor.

Know what they want and why, and then you can create content that engages readers on their level and allows your content to meet their specific needs.

Stoney G deGeyter has three very basic personas that can provide a solid framework for just about any visitor. 

#1. The “How-To” Persona

Information seeker – likes checklists, how-to guides, videos and any other information they can get their digital hands on

#2. The “I Care” Persona

Researching something they care about – passionate about a topic and likely to consider themselves extremely knowledgeable. Anything less than authoritative content will likely leave them unimpressed

#3. The “Just Get It To Me” Persona

Don’t really know what they want but don’t care about much of anything other than, “how do I get this (or do this) fast?”

It’s possible to incorporate elements (or links) for each of these into a single page.

The better your personas, the better targeted your content will be, and more likely it will be to produce the conversions you want.

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