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How To Serve Multiple Audiences By Using A Segmented Website Structure

Serving multiple audiences is one of the biggest challenges in creating content for corporate websites. Sites with a ‘something for everyone’ architecture rarely satisfy anyone.

The Solution:

Sites that are fully segmented by audience type

The “Content Cafeteria” approach to site architecture attempts to overcome these problems.

It is based on allowing users to self-identify their audience type and to navigate to a highly customized “microsite” built specially around the needs of that audience.

The hoped-for result is a corporate site that:

#speaks persuasively to each audience
#maximizes the user experience of each audience
#includes compelling calls-to-action perfectly suited to each audience

The Content Cafeteria Model allows users to identify themselves both on the site home page and on every page of every site section.

Each section of the site can be thought of as a microsite, having its own navigation, design, messaging, and conversion paths.

In this scheme, the main site (corporate home section) would contain only high-level information about products, services, company, etc., along with a detailed explanation of what people will find in each audience section.

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