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How To Get Your Site Indexed Before It Is Even Launched

Neil Patel discusses the advantage you can gain by getting your site indexed by search engines before it’s even launched.
The best reason to get your domain online…and that is building an email marketing list, buzz and traffic.

1. Register an SEO-friendly domain name immediately

Keep in mind that search engines tend to rank websites higher that have relevant first-level keywords in their domain name

2. Create a compelling landing page

There is no need to put a “Coming Soon.” Instead, give some sort of option so you can capture any and every bit of traffic to your new site, which includes an exit pop up

3. Start a blog and sign up for Feedburner

Put up a blog that sits off your domain. It doesn’t matter which blogging platform you use, just make sure that the blog is sitting off of your root domain:

4. Create content for your site

Before it’s officially launched you can start posting content to your new website blog. This will give visitors to your site something to engage when they arrive after you launch.

Start putting the content on right now.
And the more content the better.

5. Guest blog on strategic sites

…and in your byline make sure you create a link back to your soon-to-be launched website.

6. Use your existing sites

Just like most of SEO strategies, getting links to your site is essential in getting high search rankings…and fortunately you don’t have to wait until your new site is launched to start optimizing it…

You can do it the moment you have the domain registered. Within a month you should see results to the new website. In the end, the lesson is this: you don’t have to wait until your website is “launched” to start driving traffic to it and getting it ranked. You can do it now!

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