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How To Get More Fans (And Why That’s A Horrible Idea)

To the folks who are working on growing themselves to be a person who have something of a growing (or huge) platform and are trying to understand how to use social platforms to build something better/deeper/more. 

WHYare you seeking to get more fans?

And do You really want fans?

Why Community Members are WAY Cooler Than Fans

Communities are made up of multiple levels of peers.

What Does It Take To Nurture These Relationships?

A community-minded relationship requires that you think (always) in three dimensions: 

# What do I offer that can help others?
# Who do I know that can help this person?
# How can I best work with this person?

To nurture those kinds of relationships requires more than a few considerations and preparations:

➽ You don’t have to follow everyone who follows you

➽ Should you have a “Fan” page, try to let it be YOU populating it and doing the conversing

➽ Be where you can best support the experience

➽ If you can’t manage to have a profile active and communicate back and forth on several social platforms, then don’t

➽ “Part of the story” is for participants in a community. Find ways to get people into the action

➽ The more ways you can connect other people together at the peer level, the more it’s about your community and not you-worship

➽ Check yourself frequently. Eat humility every single day

And if you want more? Never fret that argument that it’s quality not quantity. You can have both

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