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How to Compete Using Content

Learn three content marketing fundamentals that are necessary if you’re using content as a competitive business strategy.

For the last two years The Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Profs, and Outbrain have conducted a survey asking Marketers how they market with content.

100% of respondents reported using content marketing 

Vince Giorgi of Hanley Wood Marketing points out the implications of this shift 

“If 100% of Marketers today not only understand that distinction [of content’s role in marketing], but have truly begun to embrace it and act upon it, then we’ve entered a new era in the evolution of content marketing.

There are fundamentals to obey regardless of granular tactic or tool if you’re serious about competing using content to market, especially online:

1. Usefulness

2. Authenticity

3. Originality


To compete using content you must put your audience and their needs center stage

Requiring you as a Content Producer to:

# Create content that meets a growing expectation of polish and professionalism

# Match content type to audience consumption preference

# Map content to a calendar

# Treat SEO with respect [but not blind allegiance at the mercy of quality and usefulness]

In practice, this means that each piece of content is strategically used to build thought leadership and developed so that the content is more likely to be shared (i.e., marketed). Content shapes identity and influences customer acquisition.

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