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How Marketers Are Using Social Media Marketing Successfully #Infographic

Based on a recent Survey by Pagemodo  – – this Infographic showcases the most common benefits of using Social Media:

Of all the businesses queried, 90% say that they use social media for marketing, and 93% of that claim that it’s beneficial to their commerce.

Interestingly, only 43% of marketers see an actual rise in sales, and 83% say that social networking helps with brand exposure.

56% of those surveyed pointed out that platforms like Facebook have improved and expanded upon business partnerships, and 91% say that higher traffic can be achieved once an online storefront gets the hang of marketing in a social media environment.

More experienced users spend more time marketing in social media – beginners spend an average of 1-5 hours a week, while those with 3 or more years of experience spend roughly 16 hours a week.

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