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Does Your Website Need a Mobile Makeover? 8 Mobile Optimization Tips To Improve Your Site’s UX

The world is rapidly going mobile, and if you haven’t already built a mobile version of your website yet, then your competition will gladly take care of that part for you.

In order for businesses to achieve their highest potential and profit in mobile, they need a seamless mobile strategy that includes banner ad placement, a correlating mobile landing page and a mobile optimized site.

8 Key Guidelines to ensure your website’s mobile experience is designed to please and convert! 

1. Keep Your Mobile Site Simple, Consistent and Easily Navigable

2. Provide an Easy Scroll Experience

3. Keep the Font Size Legible and Large

4. Talk in Sound Bites

5. Let the Imagery Speak

6. Make Sure it Scales

7. Set Up Your Own Analytics

8. Make Interface Actions Easy

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