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Can B2B Marketers Become Content Whisperers?

One of the mandates bandied about lately is that B2B marketers need to become listeners. They should set up listening posts and they must listen first, before launching marketing programs.

Telling Marketers they need to listen is one thing. Helping them figure out how to do so in a way that produces an effective input to inform marketing programs is entirely another.

The Role of Personas in Listening

Assuming you have a content strategy that was used to develop content related to answering your persona’s questions, concerns, and informational needs related to solving a specific problem your product addresses, what inputs can be used for “listening?”

Marketers often forget that just because we design content for one persona, doesn’t mean it won’t find exposure with others. In other words, all feedback should not be weighted equally.

You will never make everyone happy, so you must choose how and when to allow listening to shift your strategies and your response.

From Listener to Content Whisperer

The trick to listening is to equate what you’re “hearing” to creating higher engagement, interest, and momentum with your personas.

To become a content whisperer, Marketers must focus on listening to propect behaviors to help them become credible (safe) resources that buyers trust (secure) and want to do business with (union).

It’s important to note that content whispering is not only related to your content, but to content produced by others that may get the reaction or dialogue you’re looking to establish. Marketers need to consider not just what prospects say, but what they do.

Perhaps becoming a Content Whisperer is a skill worth developing…if you want to create a 2-way dialogue that builds momentum toward buying.

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