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5 Essential Qualities Of A Great Tagline

A bad tagline is worse than none at all, and that covers about 80% of the market. Learn how great taglines are made.

Taglines are everywhere—but finding a good one isn’t as easy as you’d think.

What steps can you take to write a tagline that’s effective?

Take a look at these five essential qualities that describe the best taglines:

1. Clear: Your tagline is not the place to be subtle; it should be informative. Its job is to communicate, quickly and clearly, what it is that you do and what you have to offer.

How to Do It: Ask yourself what your company’s mission is. What is your purpose? What’s your focus?

2. Concise: The best taglines have one thing in common: they’re simple. Write your tagline to be easy to remember and within 10 words or less.
How to Do It: Streamline your company’s message into one simple, short phrase.

3. Relevant: The information that speaks to the reader’s “What’s in it for me?”

How to Do It: Take time to name client benefits:

4. Branded: A good tagline is reflective of the brand it represents. It must seamlessly match the overall sense of your style and other marketing efforts in order to enhance your impact.

How to Do It: Ask yourself what differentiates you from the competition. What is your style: witty or formal, clean-cut or colorful?

5. Consistent: A tagline’s greatest strengths lies in its consistency—that clients can count on it, year after year, to stay the same.

How to Do It: Aim to write a tagline that’s timeless, one that won’t become dated as trends change in the next few years.

Stick with it, on all your marketing materials and across your branding efforts.

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