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20 Revealing Stats, Charts, And Graphs Every Marketer Should Know

Read 20 of the most telling inbound marketing statistics and data points that will help position your progress against other Marketers.


This post by Magdalena Georgieva – – highlights the 20 most interesting data points from Hubspot’s latest edition of “120 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts & Graphs” – [PDF]


1) Research is a vital part of online shopping

2) 89% of marketers are maintaining or increasing their inbound marketing budgets

3) Inbound remains more cost-effective than outbound marketing

4) Search engines are often a starting point for product research

5) More web pages mean more leads

6) 80% of email marketers send the same content to all subscribers

7) B2B marketers use email segmentation heavily

8) More and more people report reading email on mobile devices

9) Social media & blogging generate real customers

10) Social media adoption has grown drastically in the U.S.

11) Social media conversations influence purchases

12) LinkedIn drives the most customers for B2B organizations

13) Facebook drives the most conversions for B2C organizations

14) Pinterest is popular mainly in the U.S.

15) Most marketers recognize the value of blogging

16) Blog reading peaks around 10am

17) Facebook grows in importance to Marketers

18) Most Twitter users are 25-34 years old

19) Twitter drives more customers for B2C companies

20) Mobile users rarely reopen emails on computers


How are you going to use this knowledge in your day-to-day marketing life?

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