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13 Content Marketing Steps

Content marketing that delivers high-quality, relevant information yielding measurable results without promotional push should be on every marketer’s 2012 priority list!

Not only because content marketing fuels social media, search, and sales but also because it’s more credible than advertising.

Content marketing in the form of emails, branded websites, and editorial content was trusted by 5% or more of respondents to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey – Q3 2011- 

How do you get your content marketing on track to drive results?
Focus on the three D’s of content marketing: 

Development, Discovery, and Distribution

A. Development Of Your Content Marketing
1. Set marketing objectives
2. Know your audience
3. Extend branding
4. Determine content marketing needs
5. Select media formats
6. Create an editorial calendar
7. Measure content marketing result

B. Get Your Content Discovered
1. Present your content to get attention
2. Remove roadblocks that hinder your content’s findability
3. Nudge readers to take action

C. Expand Your Content Distribution
1. Socialize your content
2. Optimize your content for search
3. Offer related content while consumers are in content consumption mode

At the heart of social media, search, and sales, content marketing is a powerful tool when your development, discovery, and distribution work together.

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