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Monthly Archives: May 2012

15 Surprising, Scholarly Facts About Text Messaging + #Infographic

Here are 15 scholarly facts about texting that you may not have suspected:  #1. Getting a text makes you happier #2. Hypertexters are less healthy #3. Texting behind the wheel is even riskier than we thought #4. Texting while driving killed 16,000 in a six-year period #5. Texters use fewer abbreviations than we thought #6. Black people send the most text […]

“Our Facebook Page”

The unrequited hype of the Facebook IPO last week echoes the unrequited hype many brands experience with social media in general. There’s a get rich quick mentality – a Like Grab. Many brands believe if you just build it, the audience will come. This sets the false expectation that social media is easy. Social media […]

How To Get More Fans (And Why That’s A Horrible Idea)

To the folks who are working on growing themselves to be a person who have something of a growing (or huge) platform and are trying to understand how to use social platforms to build something better/deeper/more.  “WHY” are you seeking to get more fans? And do You really want fans? Why Community Members are WAY […]

It’s All About The Images #Infographic

Some say image is everything, and that’s especially true on the Internet where the shift to visual optimization is playing an increasingly important role in the recent phenomenon of photo marketing. MDG Advertising –  have  developed an insightful Infographic that illustrates the influence of images on a company’s business, branding, search, and social media efforts. For insight […]

How to Compete Using Content

Learn three content marketing fundamentals that are necessary if you’re using content as a competitive business strategy. For the last two years The Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Profs, and Outbrain have conducted a survey asking Marketers how they market with content. 100% of respondents reported using content marketing:  Vince Giorgi of Hanley Wood Marketing points out the implications […]

B2B Marketers: 53% Will Be “Intensely Engaged” In Social Media Marketing By 2013

Social Media is Now Mainstream for B2B Marketers, and a new Study from BtoB looks at the demand for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter — and how Marketers are using each platform effectively. The Study – – also looks at which traditional marketing channels are receiving smaller allocations as money is increasingly directed toward social efforts. In 2012, nearly one-third […]