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Work / Life Balance Survey + #Infographic

The Captivate Office Pulse Survey on Work-Life Balance reveals that when it comes to work-life balance, men are happier than women.

The Survey – – of 673 workers shows that men are 25% happier at work and 8% happier at home than women are.

There are also some interesting insights into some of the ways the lack of a work-life balance impacts people and how a healthy work-life balance can be maintained.

The link between work-life balance and health

Captivate – – found that a lack of work-life balance doesn’t just lead to unhappiness, but it can also affect one’s health, with a staggering number of respondents of both genders acknowledging that they are cognizant of a link between work-life issues and their health.

Given that the survey found women are unhappier with their work-life balance, it’s not surprising that they also have more health issues as a result.

So how can people be happier and achieve a better work-life balance? Researchers found that happier individuals are actually more likely to engage in certain activities. This shows that people can take charge and take concrete steps to feel better about their work-life balance.

Whether for health, happiness or long-term well-being, maintaining an appropriate work-life balance should be a priority for everyone. As this survey discovered though, maintaining that balance is no simple task. Perhaps the most important finding is the critical role a good cultural fit plays in helping keep people happy, health and sane in the workplace.

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