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Why You Should Care About Your Klout Score

How much does your Klout score matter? It’s fashionable to feign indifference to your Klout score, which measures online influence.

Some professionals think it’s uncool to seem too interested in their rankings; others believe all you need to worry about is creating good content.

Not so fast, says Alex Lightman, author of Brave New Unwired World: The Digital Big Bang and the Infinite Internet. 

Klout, he argues, is an indispensable way to showcase your expertise in a fast-changing marketplace – and a powerful egalitarian force that privileges know-how over who you know.

Lightman – who has an impressive Klout score of 81 out of 100 and is considered the #1 authority on topics such as the singularity and the future – has worked hard at building his network and his score. That effort is valuable, he says, because Klout measures and encourages the right things online – whether you’re engaging with your network and producing quality content. “If you just go and add a bunch of people [on Twitter or Facebook] but you’re not conversing or interacting, that will kill your Klout score,” he says.

So how can you improve your own Klout score?

Lightman has three tips to share 

1. Don’t be formulaic

2. Pictures tell the best stories

3. Give back

By Dorie Clark – 


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