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What Every Employee And Employer Must Know About Social Media

These must-know truisms can help clear the air and keep everyone out of trouble.

While social media continues to evolve—and much will change in the years to come—every employer and employee should understand a few simple things. Being ignorant of social media risks, best practices, and laws is no excuse for employees’ making career-ending mistakes or employers’ stumbling into costly legal and brand reputation errors.

Augie Ray – – has outlined both Employer and Employee requirements here: 

Three things Employers should know about social media:

1. Training and communication about corporate social media policies are essential

2. Give employees every opportunity to vent in private and appropriate channels

3. Do not ask for candidates’ or employees’ passwords

Three things Employees should know about social media:

1. If you manage people, never discipline an employee for what you see in personal social media profiles without consulting legal or human resources professionals

2. What you say and do in social media can get you fired

3. Your employer has a good reason to monitor you on social media

It may seem to some that social media has matured and become a way of life. That is far from true—social media will continue to challenge and change laws, regulations, business practices, and the nature of the employee/employer relationship.

Until the dust settles—and that will not be for many years—employers and employees alike are better off proceeding with caution. There are many landmines waiting for companies and workers in our new and evolving social era.


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