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TwitChimp List Curation, Search And Discovery Features

TwitChimp is a new capability designed to help make Twitter better serve several niches of the community; making it easy for experts on any topic to create curated lists of Twitter accounts to follow.

These lists are then made easy to discover, which helps those seeking producers of relevant content.

Current TwitChimp Features Include:

  • An ability to easily create and curate feature-filled lists of twitter accounts on any topic you desire.
  • Summation of top concepts/words and hashtags in tweets for an entire list, and a hotlinking of those words to Twitter searches.
  • Generation of statistics for lists and users in lists.
  • An ability to discover lists by category.
  • Search tools enabling lists to be found by keywords in the list or by bios of users.
  • User profile pages with stats, bios and links.
  • An ability to embed lists on any site on the Internet.
  • An ability to follow anyone found on any list.
  • Fast tools enabling addition of tags and descriptions to your lists, and an easy, friendly means of re-ordering/prioritizing your lists.
  • An ability to spread the word about any list that interests you.
  • An ability to suggest new members for a list.
  • Multiple fast/easy means to tweet/retweet/favorite right from TwitChimp

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