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The Chinese Take On Pinterest

New Chinese social media sites have long been inspired by popular sites and trends from the West, such as Facebook’s distant cousin Renren and Twitter’s brother Sina Weibo.

It is no surprise then that they have embraced Pinterest with both arms.

Rather than just creating direct clones of the site, they have been inspired by the image-heavy, ‘waterfall-like’ layout (the Chinese describe the dynamic grid as ‘Pubuliu’, meaning ‘waterfall stream’), creating new sites that use this layout but add different features or use it in different ways to Pinterest.

Jon Stokes – – has found over 30 Chinese Pinterest variants (and the number is growing).

What does this mean to brands interested in China?

And should you secure your brand name on China’s Twitter, Sina Weibo 

It is still early stages to decide which of the few Chinese Pinterest variants are here to stay, but we know that to copy like for like will not be sustainable.

Here are a selection of the most interesting ones [pdf]


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