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Stop Social Media Oversharing – Too Much Crappy Content

Oversharing isn’t just about inappropriate dinner conversations, Social Media is plagued by oversharing of low quality content.

The Oversharing Trap

Oversharing generally starts with a reasonable purpose: share valuable content in order to serve and grow an audience. However, it can quickly spiral out of control for two reasons:

1. You begin serving other content providers instead of your audience. You may justify this because they are sharing your content and helping to grow your audience.
2. You focused on a quantity rule. By adopted a guideline for the amount of content you need to share, you shifted focus to quantity over quality and your standards fall over time.

If your goal includes engaging, serving and growing your audience and you have slipped into the trap of oversharing content, here is what you can do: 

1. Always put your audience and connections first.
2. Set a very high bar for the content you will share. Anytime you feel the bar is slipping, find new content sources or revisit old favorites to help you reset the bar.
3. Always read, watch or listen to what you share first to ensure it meets your very high standards.
4. Only reciprocate sharing when you can do so while meeting your standards.
5. Get out of your rut. Individual sources can get stale over time, always incorporate new sites into your reading.

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