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Social Media’s Modern Day Role In PR And Marketing Campaigns: Highlights And Thoughts

A few recurring points that keep resurfacing amongst friends and clients when asked about social media and the role it is now playing in our public relations and marketing campaigns.

Three Great Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your PR Campaign

“Socialize” your publicity coverage!

Media platforms that generate daily content are always looking for interesting people and products to feature.

Use social media platforms similar to the way we leverage print, television, online and broadcast.

Three Fun Ways to Use Social Media for Marketing and Business Development

Brands/Experts should approach the social media team for similar brands or media outlets and offer promotions, giveaways, interviews, and product announcements on those brands’ Facebook/Twitter pages.

Instead of writing a column in a magazine, why not have your client ( brand or individual) spend a day on the media outlets Facebook or Twitter page answering reader questions?

Create savvy content & programs that engage consumers online and offline simultaneously, so that your presence is felt beyond social media.

There must be a give and take relationship between traditional marketing tools and social media, so that each is used to strengthen the reach of the other to help transmit strong brand messaging and consumer engagement.

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