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Interest In Pinterest : #Infographic

In the history of social networks, never has a service risen so far, so fast; and never has a social network started to deliver lucrative customers to business so quickly.

The most successful brands on Pinterest have really understood the importance of building up a human connection with their customer base.

They have worked hard to understand why users value Pinterest, and to align their Pinterest presence with that value proposition: whether it be a large brand that is prepared to sponsor people to make their Pinterest dreams a reality, or a small startup using the site to create a global identity, they know that people value Pinterest as a place to find inspiration.

Kay Hammond, CEO of multi-award-winning social media marketing agency TAMBA, has the following advice for big brands 

1) Be a magazine, not a brochure!

2) Share and share alike

3) Use Pinterest’s new features to create a look and feel that reflects your brand

4 ) Create “sharing moments” with your brand’s Pinterest followers

5) As with all social media – be a good conversationalist

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