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I Blog for Content, Not for Comments. Surprised?

Here’s why 

1) I am Not Blogging to “Engage” You

To me, the value of your +1, Facebook Like, or ReTweet is far more valuable than a mere comment

2) I’m More Interested in a Community of Readers and Sharers, Not Commenters

I’d rather have you in my community as a reader, a subscriber, and hopefully someone who shares my content with your networks

3) I Want to Engage Where Everyone Can See It – Not Just on My Website

Don’t you want to take the conversation to a bigger forum where more people can jump in and add value to the conversation?

4) This is a Business Blog, Not a Personal Blog

The objective of this blog is to provide insightful content for businesses, not people

5) Blogging Comments an Important KPI for Social Media Strategy?

With the advent of social media, providing resourceful content is still the best way to “engage” with other businesses – and blogging is one of the best formats in which to do it by

Neal Schaffer – – reminds us that he is here to offer you content, content that is as unique as it is hopefully insightful, shaped by professional experiences and sometimes personal passions.

The goal is to educate and hopefully become one of your primary sources for social media for business insightful advice that you won’t find on those “other” sites.


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