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How To Tweet At The Best Times For Your Followers – Tweriod & Buffer Team Up

“When is the best time for me to Tweet?”

Tweriod & Buffer have teamed up to help you tweet at optimal times inside Buffer.

So how do you get “your” best times to tweet in Tweriod 

In other words when your tweets will have optimal exposure and when your followers are online.

Tweriod calculates this from your twitter profile’s timezone and from the first 5000 of your followers and when they are online.

Here is a quick breakdown of the key Tweriod components 

Analyse the performance of your past 200 Tweets

Analyse your followers and their past Tweets

* Exclude automation apps such as Twitterfeed,, etc.

* Get different suggested schedules for different days

From there you can connect to buffer from your dashboard and submit the calculated optimal times with your buffer account.

As you can see from my schedule, I need to be up all night to reach my followers, or alternatively would appreciate a buffer bookmarklet on accounts – 


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