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Facebook’s Untapped Potential – Quarterly Revenue Of Facebook In 2012 #Infographic

The timeline shows Facebook’s quarterly revenue since 2010. In the first quarter of 2010, the social network’s advertising revenue amounted to 340 million U.S. dollars and grew to 872 million U.S.

FaceBook’s Untapped Potential  – 

Facebook updated its S1 filing yesterday, revealing a decline in year-over-year revenue growth. A reason to worry for potential investors? Probably not, as the filing also indicates that the company still has a lot of untapped potential.

In Q1 2012, 50% of Facebook’s revenue was generated by North American users, who represent only 21% of its ever-growing user base. Average revenue per user in Asia is currently less than one fifth of the ARPU in North America. If Facebook somehow manages to kickstart advertising outside of North America, there’s still a lot of revenue to earn.

Today’s chart by Statista visualizes Facebook’s current situation and shows some of our key takeaways from Facebook’s updated S1 filing. 

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