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7 Ways To Launch White Papers With A Bang

Marketing your white paper before it is launched can help create buzz and get people lined up to read it as soon as it’s available.

If you start your marketing push a week or two before you plan to publish, you should have plenty of time to generate excitement and prepare to engage your readers.
These tips will help you prepare for the big launch: 

1. Have a distribution plan at the ready

2. Create a landing page

Use this page to enable registeration by visitors, so that you can send them the whitepaper as soon as it’s published

3. Write a series of relevant posts to support and promote the paper

Attract traffic to your site in preparation for your white paper launch by writing a series of relevant posts [during the one or two week leadup]

4. Write guest posts

Get some of these posts to published before your white paper goes live and some on the same day on which your white paper is published

5. Get reviews

Make a preview copy available and ask, preferably a Thought Leader, in the same niche, if they would write a review and post it on their blog

Or to provide a short, four- or five-line blurb, if they are too busy to write a full review

6. Invite experts to guest post

When they write posts on topics they specialize in for your blog and share them, their followers will visit your site, read the post and notice your white paper

7. Email it to your subscribers

And don’t forget to tweet, facebook, use your LinkedIn connections and Pinterest followers to inform them of your Whitepaper

These methods require time management and planning, however they are well worth the effort

Mitt Ray – – has also witten a book on “White Paper Marketing” and a free guide –

How To Write A White Paper – [pdf]

A special thanks to my wonderful friend Jan Gordon – – who shared this article with me

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