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5 Tips to Becoming a Top Blog in Your Industry

Have you ever dreamed of becoming one of the top blogs in your space?

Here are five tips to help you transform your blog into a powerful online publication: 

Tip #1: Survey the Interests of Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach?

What types of content do these people most desire?

Here’s how to do this:

a. Create a simple survey using a tool like SurveyMonkey 
b. Ask this question: “What question about _____ (your subject) do you most want answered?”
c. Ask your existing readers and fans on your social channels to take your survey
d. Then study the results

Tip #2: Spin Hot Topics Into Many Posts

Once you understand the interests of your target audience, you need a plan to create content that’s focused around popular subjects.

Here’s how to find different angles on the same topic:

a. Create a beginner’s guide
b. Address biggest misconceptions
c. Showcase how others are solving the problem (success stories)
d. Create a video
e. Appeal to different segments of your audience (like small businesses and then again for big brands)

Tip #3: Leverage the Power of Multiple Authors

Here are some benefits of having many authors write for your blog:

a. Your site appears to have more prominence because it’s not all about you
b. You don’t have to do all the work yourself
c. You gain fresh voices and can develop new spins on topics
d. Often authors will promote the content they write for you
e. You can establish strong alliances with contributing authors

Tip #4: Integrate Social Sharing

Empower people to effortlessly share your great blog post with their friends, fans and followers

Tip #5: Capture Emails

Nurture repeat visitors to your blog

Email is the most powerful tool for your blog and your business

By Michael Stelzner – 


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