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5 Tips For Great Content Curation

If you’re a curator looking for some boundaries in what feels like the Wild West, here are five best practices to consider.

1. Be Part of the Content Ecosystem

Embrace content as both a maker and an organizer

Created, contributed, and collected — the three ‘c’s is a strong content mix that has a measurable impact.

2. Follow a Schedule

Consistency and regularity will also bring you new users, and help you grow a loyal base of members who appreciate your work.

3. Embrace Multiple Platforms

Consider posting short bursts on Tumblr, images on Pinterest, video on YouTube, and community conversations on Facebook.

Bring your content contributions to wherever your readers may be.

4. Engage and Participate

A re-tweet is one of the easiest ways to help build relationships with fellow bloggers and curators. And your followers will appreciate that you’ve pointed them to good content.

5. Share. Don’t Steal

Give attribution, link backs, and credit

We’re increasingly living in a world of information overload.

When people choose to listen to you it’s because you’re able to separate signal from noise. You provide a clear, contextually relevant voice within the topic or topics that you create and curate.

Succinctly written by Steve Rosenbaum 

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