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3 Reasons To Master The Art Of Storytelling

Most entrepreneurs don’t realize the art of storytelling can help you succeed in the start-up world.

Storytelling is a timeless human tradition.

Before the written word, people would memorize elaborate stories full of morals that shaped cultures for generations.

Unfortunately, storytelling has become a lost art in many businesses.

Instead of taking the time to craft captivating stories, most entrepreneurs create dreary Powerpoint presentations filled with facts, jargon, buzzwords, and graphs. Powerpoint (and laziness) has killed our ability to tell good stories, but this is a habit Riley Gibson – – believes we need to ditch.

Here are three reasons why storytelling is crucial to start-up success 

1Stories are Memorable

When facts and information are framed by a compelling story, you’ll not only hold the attention of your audience, but you’ll also make the information presented more memorable.

2. Stories Travel Further

If you arm your audience with a good story, they’ll be able to communicate the details of your business more clearly

3. Stories Inspire Action

A compelling and inspiring story about what you do, why you do it, and how it will make something better will help attract and motivate people.

A good story will help set your company apart.

So if you want your start-up to live happily ever after, make storytelling a tradition at your company.


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