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11 Tactics To Help Create New Content

A list of ideas that you can use to help generate content for your organization.

Obviously, not everything will apply to everyone, but hopefully this one by Steve Momorella – – will at least help some address their challenges.

1. Ask those who love you the most

No one has better things to say about your organization than your existing customers and brand loyalists

2.Leverage your supply chain

Gather stories from your vendors, partners, and suppliers talking about the ease-of-use or value of your products with their customers

3. Look within

All organizations have great stories to tell

4. Listen

One of the most beneficial uses of social media, is to setup listening channels, to look for questions people are asking

5. Analyze your analytics

Religiously check your Google Analytics to see what people are searching for to get to your site

6. Trend tracking

Use Google Trends and Twitter Trends to look for up-to-the-minute trends and then mold some content around that

7. Curate, aggregate, and annotate

One newer trend that is very powerful in the social media space is curation.

Aggregating a set of valuable content and then offering your own opinions, thoughts and annotations can be useful and help position you as a thought leader in a particular industry

8. Reuse, repurpose and recycle

Some of the best content for your organization might be “evergreen”, meaning that it is not necessarily time sensitive

9. Subject matter experts

The use of thought leaders both inside and outside of your organization as sources for popular content is increasing

10. Journalists on social media

It is quite easy to begin to monitor journalists using social media such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn either directly or in groups and forums and see what questions they are asking relating to your industry

11. In the news

Promote and highlight news stories about your organization.

Also known as media mentions or press clippings, these stories can be highlighted in an “In the News” section on your online newsroom

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