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What Story Does Your Facebook Timeline Tell?

Tips for how to update your brand’s Facebook Timeline, increase engagement, and let your brand’s story be told.

Facebook Timeline: A Marketer’s 101
With Facebook Timeline, fans’ and non-fans’ first impression of your brand is a cover photo, followed by friends who also like the page, your brand’s posts on the left, and your fans’ posts on the right (for each viewer, it’s a different experience based on connections).

How To Set Up Your Brand’s Facebook Timeline

Cover Photo – Size: 850 x 315 pixel (px) banner

Profile Photo – Size: 180 x 180 px

Category – 150 characters 

Custom Application Thumbnails – Size: 110 x 74 px

Custom Applications (formerly known as tabs) – Size: 810 px layout (wider than the old 520 px layout)

Content – Highlight your favorite posts for additional real estate and Pin posts to keep them at the top of the Timeline for 7 days

Connect – Enable messaging to let viewers connect personally with direct messages to your brand

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