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Using WordPress? Track Which Social Networks Your Visitors Are Logged Into

By Dan Taylor – @MountainDan
With close to 72 million WordPress installs around the world, chances are you’re using the platform in one form or another. Be it a customized mini-site or landing page, your main CMS, e-commerce platform, etc. you or someone you know is using WordPress.
Now as any good marketer will tell you, “If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing,” so we’ve all done our due diligence and set up the prerequisite Google Analytics account, checking stats on a daily basis and deriving valuable, actionable items from them.
But what about all that “other” traffic, primarily driven by social media?Wouldn’t it be quite handy to know which visitors to your WordPress based site are also logged into various social networks?Enter the Social Media User Detection Plugin: 

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