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Tips from the Trenches: Best Blogger Productivity Tools

Darren Rowse – – has put together a list of productivity apps and tools used by some of his connections on social media:


WordPress Plugins

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast WordPress SEO plugin
  2. Bulletproof WordPress security plugin
  3. Drafts Scheduler WordPress plugin for post scheduling
Blogging Software
  • MarsEdit for editing blog posts offline 
  • Skitch for capturing screenshots
  • Pixelmator for fast image editing
  • BlogStomp, for managing image layouts
  • Sticky notes Mac note reminder software
  • Springpad mobile note-taking software
  • Akismet for spam management, recommended by Itzik Atia
  • Zemanta blog publishing “assistant”
  • InboundWriter for keyword optimization of content
  • Any.DO” mobile note taking software
  • Blog desk for writing blog posts
  • Scribfire post management tool
Other Services
  1. Pomodoro Pro iOS app for using the Pomodoro productivity technique
  2. Bluehost web hosting
  3. Stumbleupon for bookmarking sites to write about later
  4. for getting in the writing zone


  • An ideas notepad
  • A Mac
  • Big monitor(s) 
  • Classical music
  • A cheap kitchen timer for getting started on tasks, and managing social media time
  • A coffee machine
  • An iPad, recommended for mobile blogging 


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