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The Social Media Marketing Radar + #Infographic

By Danyl Bosomworth – @danny_boy
It’s important to look beyond the big 5 social networks to more targeted communities where you can engage audiences or “tribes” related to your brand.
Using the new Social Radar Infographic to illustrate the potential – and to show you the types of social sites you might consider.
The radar will help you to figure out the right communities, so you can create the right content and share it…
The radar focuses attention and resources on the sites appearing towards its centre, as these sites are generally agreed on as the most important. Although this may seem a lot of effort to go beyond the main networks, you’ll often find more passionate audiences who are more willing to engage and share.
Remember…Social media hasn’t stopped growing in importanceSocial media isn’t a fad or a passing trend, so don’t think you’ve missed out or it isn’t relevant.Social media is an oft misunderstood label for something that’s been central to modern marketing for decades – engaging and inspiring real people so your audience wants to directly or indirectly promote your brand story.To this end, social media marketing isn’t really about big social networks, the latest social media marketing tools or techniques.It’s certainly never too late to consider creating a social media marketing strategy.There are tools to help you assess the relevance of communities.Niche or vertical communities are where the social media opportunity is headed for brands inorder to conduct meaningful dialogue with relevant groups and communitiesContinue – 

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