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The Social Media Landscape In 2012 – #Infographic

In this 2012 version, by Fred Cavazza  – – included is a set of online services allowing conversations and social interactions, on computers, but also on mobile and alternate devices (smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, smartframes…).
Although this graph is divided into pies and layers to make it easier to read, social media is a very dense ecosystem where different players lives in symbioses: if they tend to overlap sometimes, they easily lives together, and we are not in a winner-takes-all market configuration.
Thus, three major players can be found in the central circle, because they are providing users with a very large set of functionalities (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).
If it is possible for a user to publish / share/ play / network / buy / localize on only one of these platforms, they are widely used as containers or relays for what internet users are doing on other platforms.
Regarding competition between these three, I don’t believe one can eat the two others, since each one have a distinct orientation: Twitter for content discovery, Google+ to manage your online identity and Facebook to interact with your friends.
The main goal of this chart is to make it easier for you to comprehend social media in all its complexity, not to set an exhaustive list of available services
Which platform should your brand choose?
It is important not to choose the right platform, but to build a consistent social architecture.
Installing your brand on social media is not about choosing one or several social platforms and opening profiles, it is about defining objectives and allocating resources. The platform choice is only the tactical declination of your strategy. 
There is no perfect choice since each brand has a different context. However:Think about how to maintain consistent branding and tone-of-voice across your chosen networks.Really think about user-experience, especially for bespoke websites, and consider all the devices that users may connect with.Stay abreast of the constantly shifting landscape! This time last year Pinterest was a relatively unknown platform, today it is the new social media darling. It will be interesting to see how it fares in 2013!Original Article – – by John Stokes  – – @jonstokes 

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