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The Psychology of Sharing

By Reb Carlson –  @mynameisreb
We share a lot online, almost to the point where it feels excessive.Is it vanity, self-expression, or more?
It turns out there isn’t just one type of sharer on the Internet.People share information with others for a number of reasons, at various times during the day, and with differing intents.And people even choose not to share things they’re too embarrassed or scared to share.To understand why people share online, we pulled up all of the latest and greatest studies on the arena. Here’s what we found:
Six Types of People That ShareThere are six different personas of sharers, according to The New York Times’ “Psychology of Sharing” – 
These personas are defined by their emotional motivations, desired presentation of self, role of sharing in life, and how valuable it is to the individual be the first to share.These personas with some keywords to describe each are as follows: 

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