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The Pitfalls of Freelancing #Infographic

By Lauren Hockenson – @lhockenson
Are you freelancing to make ends meet? Make sure you don’t get caught in these classic traps.
Freelancing is not easy.
While it offers fantastic benefits — flexible hours, more control and creative independence — there are still plenty of risks involved with striking out on your own and running your own business. And while the economy struggles to recover, freelancing poses pitfalls.
According to this Infographic, from MastersDegree – , a surprising 80% of freelancers have dealt with a client who ultimately didn’t pay for work that was completed.
Average losses totaled $6,000 — quite a hefty chunk of change to lose.
Have freelancing gigs become less plentiful (or lower-paying) in the current economy? Have you gotten a dream freelancing gig, or have you gone through a freelancing nightmare?
Freelancing is a great choice for many people, but filled with a few unavoidable pitfalls. This Infographic points out some of the worst to look out for: 

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