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Stuck In A Marketing Rut? 4 Signs That It’s Time To Add Engagement To Your Online Marketing Strategy

When you ask an online marketer what frustrates them the most about reaching customers and prospects online you’re likely to hear the following: Finding a way to connect with their audienceMoving prospects through the buying cycleGrowing their network and listsRecent studies – – show that over 53% of active social networkers follow a brand. If there are that many people actively interacting and engaging with brands online what changes can be made to reach and engage target audiences?Sign #1 – The Sounds of Silence – No One is Commenting On Our BlogSign #2 – Is Anyone Out There? – Activity Without EngagementSign #3 – Our Website is Awesome – But No One is VisitingSign #4 – A Sound Investment – Content Creation Without RepresentationSolutionIf you want your audience to engage with you and listen to what you have to say it’s time to do the same. Work to identify what topics and tactics work best for your audience, and evolve these strategies as their preferences change. Spend just as much time if not more monitoring conversations as you do releasing information on social sites.Post by Ashley Zeckman – 

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