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Social vs Search #Infographic

While there are many differences between search marketing and social media, and each has its strengths, both are essential in marketing today. Interestingly, they take on exponentially more power when marketers use them together.

To identify what works best for particular goals, MDG Advertising – – created this enlightening Infographic that distinguishes the digital supremacy between social media and search marketing, as well as the collective strength of this dynamic duo.

Take a look at how these two online methods measure up on their own and in sync.

When comparing search marketing vs. social media, search is more effective for some online objectives while social is the hands-down choice for others. For example, lead generation is better achieved through the high-visibility, low-cost methods of search marketing.

This appears to be the consensus among both B2C and B2B marketers.

Building brand awareness involves a completely different marketing approach that makes increasing exposure the primary mission. Most marketers agree that social media is superior to search marketing for these scenarios.

When it comes to maximizing the visibility of local businesses, twice as many consumers rely on search engines. This statistic holds true for all kinds of local businesses, from professional service companies to establishments such as restaurants and bars.

Finally, most marketers prefer social media over search marketing when the goal is interactivity. Social media nurtures an ongoing online dialogue and creates a genuine sense of connection that simply cannot be achieved by search alone.

Today, marketers are realizing that combining these digital dynamos can lead to the greatest results of all. Our increasingly digital world is blurring the lines between social and search, with social networks adding search features, and search engines launching social components.

The Web has gotten wise to their mutual power and now marketers are following suit for success.


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