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Selling Through Social Media To Close More Leads

What is Social Selling?

There is a growing amount of buzz about a concept called “social selling” (often used synonymously with Sales 2.0). Many will argue that sales, particularly B2B sales, has always been a social activity.

After all, selling has always revolved around relationships (i.e. WHO you know) and hence the focus on networking, establishing rapport, and leveraging existing relationships.

Traditionally this was done via face-to-face business meetings, industry conferences, athletic clubs, civic organizations, social clubs, etc.

Social Sales and Customer 2.0

As with many new trends enabled by technology, social selling has a tendency to be thought of as the adoption of social media and online collaboration tools by sales organizations. In reality, social selling is itself a response to fundamental changes in customer behavior and their buying process.

Customer 2.0 now has access to unlimited information about your company, your products, and those of your competitors. 

Intelligence Is Key

Social selling is about recognizing that the buying process is controlled by a better informed and more connected customer. While sales remain a relationship-driven business, the power of “who you know” is trumped by “what you know about who you know.”  

This has heightened the need for comprehensive sales intelligence that brings together both traditional data and social media. 

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