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People Like Chicken Nuggets & Other Things We Learned from Facebook

By Will Larson – @Lethain
January was a good month for Digg with an increase in page views by 35% (our highest level since October of 2010) and Facebook referral traffic up by 67%.It also marked the first month for Digg Social Reader, Facebook Timeline App.
But increased engagement has only been half of the benefit. The greatest learning has been a better understanding of the type of news stories that people add to their Timeline and why.
Digg spends a lot of time trying to understand the strength of news signals. Diggs, Likes, Tweets and LinkedIn Shares are all ways of understanding a news story’s relative importance and interest to a large audience.
But most recently, what has been the most compelling are the stories that people are adding to their Timeline, both as Reads as well as Diggs, Comments and Submissions.
Specifically, what are the types of stories that people are most likely to add to their Timeline and the Facebook Ticker and what can we learn from that choice?
For those of us in the news business, the ability to accurately measure popular sentiment is gold to understanding what people want to read.
A scalable, human curation model of news is taking effect. And we’re just getting started.

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