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Latest YouTube Fact and Statistics #Infographic

Bought by Google a year and a half after its inception, YouTube is now the third most visited website after Google and Facebook. Every day, no less than four billion videos are viewed, which represents an average of 140 videos viewed, per year per person in 2011. We also note that the phones are increasingly used: they represent on average 15% of total views on the platform, which has a mobile version since early 2007.

Each week, an estimated 100 million people share, like or comment on a video. Other astronomical figures complete the picture: a video of Justin Bieber has been viewed over 700 million times (note that those who do not are twice as likely as those who like).

Every day on Facebook, 500 years of cumulative videos are watched. In computer graphics, discover other facts and figures on YouTube.Lately, YouTube has made a press release giving latest statistics about world’s biggest online video sharing service. 

After more Google , Facebook and Twitter , here are the latest available figures related to YouTube. 

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