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Lasting Impressions: Unusual Business Cards That Will Be Kept

By Alex Ionescu – @crazyleaf
A beautiful collection of unusual business cards designed and crafted of metal, plastic, rubber and more.
Sharing a great looking business card with a partner can often make the difference between getting the job or not. Not to mention that most, let’s say ordinary business cards end up in the trash after awhile. An unusually creative card made out of metal, plastic or rubber can ensure you a permanent slot in that ever-growing pile of business cards of your potential business partners.
There is a growing trend of digitizing business cards through card scanners.
Though there are some advantages to having the cards scanned such as the space gained and ease of search, the lasting impression of receiving an appealing and unusually creative business card cannot be matched.
Feeling the unusual shape, the embossed metal or letterpressed paper will certainly help gain you the appreciation and respect needed to start or cement a good business partnership.
So take a look at this showcase of unusual business cards: 

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